Status: For sale
Maskin type: Bore Mill
Ref.: 911
Tilstand: Ready to use
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Field of hydraulic table-shift 950 mm
Range of table movement by hand 85 mm
Range of measurable table displacement (X) 1000 mm
Range of measurable drill head adjustment (Y) 700 mm
Range of measurable Spindle sleeves adjustment (Z) 300 mm
Range of vertical movement of the movable crossbeam (W) 780 mm
Free distance between columns 1100 mm
Max distance under the movable cross beam approximately 955 mm
Free height under spindle max 1000 mm
Spindle (spindle sleeve retracted) min. 200 mm

Usable area 1100 x 842 mm
Max allowable load about 1500 kg
Width of T slots 16 mm
Free adjustment with the handwheel 0.15 mm / rev.
Hydraulic feed milling 50 to 500 mm / min
Hydraulic feed quick adjustment 2500 mm / min

Power of the pump motor 50 Hz
of the hydraulic system 60 Hz

Cross-rapid adjustment 50 Hz 1500 mm / min
Precision adjustment knob by 0.5 mm / rev.
Milling feedrate 50 Hz 30 mm / min

Diameter of drilling spindle sleeve 135 mm
Interior quill taper Morse no.4
Outer quill taper SIP 4e
Rotating speeds 40-2000 rev / min
Automatic feed 12:04, 00:07, 12:10, 12:15, 00:24, 00:35 mm / rev
Movement per revolution of the wing arm 160 mm
Movement per revolution of the handwheel 4.1mm
Drilling in massive Ø 60 mm
Boring range Ø 300 mm
Motor power (max.) 50/60 Hz

Machine 3280 x 2335 x 3205 mm
Electrical cabinet 1650 x 600 x 2260 mm
Display cabinet 1600 x 650 x 650 mm

Machine ca. 9200 kg
Electrical cabinet 850 kg
Display cabinet 200 kg
Normal accessories 150 kg



Ref. 911
Maskin type Bore Mill
Model SIP 6R
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